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Consumer Services

From tax strategies to alternative financing and everything in between, Prospr Global Financial Services provides a deep understanding of the challenges that face the self-employed and Solopreneurs in the new economy.  From providing optimum tax efficiencies to creative financing solutions, Prospr Global builds bridges to help people build the lives that they want for themselves and their families.

Wealth Creation

For decades the traditional approach to wealth building has been to put money into a 401k, work hard for 25 or 30 years, pray to the stock market gods for favorable and timely returns, and hope your money doesn’t run out too soon.  Perhaps this paradigm worked at some point, but in the economy that we now live in, where more people are self-employed and creating the lives tha want, this strategy simply doesn't work for a large segment of the population. At Prospr, our focus is different. We teach you to focus more on cash flow generation rather than asset appreciation, creating more sustainable long-term wealth.

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Business Services

No matter if you’re self-employed or have an army of people that are helping you build your dream, creating business models that optimize profitability and help transform your family and your community is critical.  From financial and capital consulting to business transitioning and repositioning, Prospr Global will help you ensure that your business is prepared for rapidly changing dynamics of the global marketplace.



Today’s marketplace is rapidly changing.  Traditional jobs are being outsourced, or being displaced by technology.  While this may be necessary to protect profits for some companies, the fact remains that many people find themselves now self-employed or with non-traditional jobs.  Additionally, the gig-economy has taken a prominent place in the lives of many people. This presents use-cases that the traditional consumer buy/sell marketplace is ill equipped to handle.  Furthermore, traditional currencies are being replaced by digital currencies, which creates more problems for traditional consumer avenues. While this is an exciting time, in which more people are finding ways to create incomes, it also means that less people fit within the confines of traditional buy/sell methods for the things that they want.

​PROSPR's corporate strategy is focused on three distinct business units: financial services, asset financing, and asset protection.  All of which combine as the building blocks to create a forward thinking alternative financing strategy for those who don’t fit in the traditional finance infrastructure.  We see a future where non-traditional avenues of sales and purchases will be more normalized.  Creative solutions from tax strategies to wealth creation will deliver economic efficiency and our ambition is to be at the center of this economy creating innovations for service, support and information.

New exciting technologies continue to shape our economy, like so many other times in history from agrarian to industrial from horse & buggy to the automobile; we are witnessing history, technological transition on a global scale.  We see the future and we're building a business ecosystem to service a new economy.


Our Expertise

Mr. Toussaint is a highly accomplished, result-driven Entrepreneur with more than 15 years of business and public accounting experience, including extensive work in providing merger and acquisition consulting, such as raising capital (Equity and Debt), due diligence and accounting systems integration, with an emphasis on the Energy, manufacturing, distribution, and technology industries. Rick is well versed on SEC rules and regulations as well as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles promulgated by the Financial Accounting Stands Board. This expertise stems from his completion of numerous audits for publicly and privately held companies, as well as the invaluable knowledge of SEC rules and regulations he gained as both the CEO and CFO of public companies.


In addition, Rick has demonstrated the ability to streamline business operations that drive growth and increase efficiency and bottom-line profit. Strong qualifications in developing and implementing financial controls and processes in addition to productivity improvements, and change management. Possesses solid leadership communication and interpersonal skills to establish rapport with all levels of staff and management.


Rick has worked in more than seven countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and throughout Latin America, as he is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Rick obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Louisiana State University and his Master’s of Business Administration degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Rick is certified as a CPA in the State of Texas.

Mr. Howard is a serial entrepreneur, with a successful track record of building successful upstart companies. He spent the first part of his career as a management consultant integrating best business practices with advanced technology. He worked with such companies as PepsiCo, Clear Channel, and Putnam Investments, just to name a few. He then went on to build and lead his own financial  services practice for 15 years. In that time , Mr. Howard grew his practice by more than 30% annually, while helping people understand tax strategies, asset protection, asset appreciation, and cash flow generation.  


Mr. Howard then went on to create a private equity consulting firm helping small to medium size businesses implement high growth strategies in efforts to help generate high value transformational companies.  His passion is to help motivated people build impactful, transformational companies and to create generational wealth that changes families and communities.



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