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Leading edge systems technology infrastructure with a focus on alt-coin assets is the nucleus of our mining strategy. Our mining infrastructure is focused on software technology  that decreases wattage and increases algorithmic, hash-rate performance. With recent open-source advances in firmware coupled with the value increase in BTC for 2019; energy costs are manageable, particularly in a deregulated market like Texas  where you can contract energy in the range of $.05 p/kWh.  


We're not talking baseball; "earned run average." PROSPR is focused on delivering Education, Research and Analytics for the digital asset sector.  The SEC made a recent statement anticipating digital assets to be the future of economic growth and capital formation. Our data rich business model enables us a unique ability to compile, analyze, interpret and package information for a sector that's built for high frequency trading and movement.  Recognizing that value, PROSPR is methodically building an information eco-system for the digital economy of the future.

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Artificial Intelligence

Complex hueristics are integral to data intelligence in the information rich sector of blockchain. We see machine learning as a mission critical component for building a successful future for digital asset mining and trading.  Employing cognitive analytics to parse complex, global data sets for high velocity decision making will separate winners from losers in the digital economy.  AI is core to our business eco-system and core to fulfilling our vision as a global leader in the digital asset sector.



Much like the .COM boom and bust in the 90's, blockchain companies and crypto-assets in general have experienced a similar cycle; moon shot valuations followed by a crash back to a softer reality.  The common denominator for both is innovative technology.  .COM tech was the internet; it survived and changed the world as will blockchain and digital assets.  Blockchain is already starting to impact industry from supply chain to banking and that's just the beginning.

PROSPR's corporate strategy is focused on three distinct business units: mining, E.R.A. and artificial intelligence.  All of which combine as the building blocks to create a forward thinking FinTech for the next economy.  We see a future where digital assets drive the way value is exchanged from lending to trading to personal finance.  Blockchain delivers economic efficiency and our ambition is to be at the center of this economy creating innovations for service, support and information. 

We are at the dawn of a new digital economy, like so many other times in history from agrarian to industrial from horse & buggy to the automobile; we are witnessing history, technological transition on a global scale.  We see the future and we're building a business eco-system to service a new, digital world.


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