PROSPR is structuring our business model to create a FinTech for tomorrow and to positively impact the digital asset sector.  Our data rich eco-system, positions us uniquely to capture a comprehensive suite of analytics for digital assets from origination in the mining process to ultimately trading or packaging those assets for the clients.  Profiling that data and more for retail consumers to deliver standardized information for traders is a PROSPR ambition to further adoption for digital assets.  We've had countless discussions with high level professional who simply don't understand digital assets; the mechanical aspects of engaging the market, asset volatility or industry utility.  We plan to change this.  We also see great opportunity in delivering clean, digital assets with custodial chain validation from the mining process as a revenue driver with institutional clients along with packaging clean assets into financial instruments.  We're building an infrastructure to achieve our vision for what we see as the future of FinTech.


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